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COST OF LIVING at SpeakEasy Stage (March 2024 ) - Boston premiere of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.  In this wry and quietly observed play, Polish-born playwright Martyna Majok interweaves the stories of four lonely souls to examine the forces that bring people together and the ways we all need each other.

A CAPE COD CHRISTMAS - Lewis plays Jeff, husband and father in this heartwarming Christmas film

IN EVENT OF MOON DISASTER -  Lewis helped create the 'deepfake' of Richard Nixon reading a 1969 speech in the event the moon landing had failed. The project won an Emmy Award for Interactive Media Documentary


PASS OVER (SpeakEasy Stage, Boston) 

"In the dual role of the wholesome, cryptic cracker in the suit, called Mister... and the goading cop in dark glasses and riot gear, called Ossifer, the accomplished Lewis D. Wheeler does double duty, creepily wielding the carrot and then the stick."

         - 'Pass Over' At SpeakEasy Stage Is An Intense And Affecting Experience -

                WBUR The ARTery, Carolyn Clay

"That force, systemic racism, is given palpable form by the appearance of two white characters, both crisply embodied by Lewis D. Wheeler."

         - Trapped in cycles of history and racism in SpeakEasy’s ‘Pass Over’ -

                The Boston Globe, Don Aucoin

"Later Wheeler will turn up as Ossifer, dressed in a police combat uniform. The three actors are superb in their roles, both as individual characters and as an ensemble."

         - SpeakEasy's intense 'Pass Over' delivers layered messages Wicked Local, Iris Fanger

THE WICKHAMS: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLY (Merrimack Repertory Theatre) 

"Wheeler and Bronkovic as Mr. and Mrs. Darcy, despite their posh accents, are no stereotypes of the uncaring master and mistress... Mr. Darcy, while steelier, is there with considerate affirmations. He is also capable of righteous indignation..."

         - The Wickhams: Wicked GoodMerrimack Valley Magazine, Jenn Lucey

THE 39 STEPS (Gloucester Stage) 

"... on stage for the entire production, Wheeler anchors the play with his natural charisma and breezy English charm (if he’s not really British you’d never know it, and his 'very attractive pencil mustache' certainly doesn’t hurt).

He’s also responsible for no shortage of spectacularly executed physical bits, from a limber shimmy

out from under an unfortunately placed corpse to a fall from a bridge that’s staged like a hilariously

cut-rate version of Javert’s jump from 'Les Miserables.'"

         - Hitchcock turns hilarious in Gloucester’s manic ’39 Steps’Wicked Local Gloucester, Peter Chianca

A NUMBER (Lyric Stage) 

"Lewis D. Wheeler gets the flashier assignment, as he's called upon to portray all three of the 21 sons Churchill introduces and to show us both how they're alike and how they're radically, irreducibly different. He meets the challenge magnificently, creating a raw and brooding cockney for the dangerous ''original" Bernard; a nervous, sweet upper-middle-class Brit for the first copy, also named Bernard, who unlike his older brother has been raised lovingly by their father; and a blandly affable American for another replica, Michael Black, who meets the father as a stranger.

Wheeler's achievement goes beyond mere technical virtuosity; he gives us three real human beings, three sons connecting in painfully different ways with their father."

         - Potent Lyric Stage production displays strength in 'Number'

                The Boston Globe, Louise Kennedy

NAT TURNER IN JERUSALEM (Actors Shakespeare Project) 

"Lewis D. Wheeler has been a mainstay on Greater Boston stages for many years and here he shines in two very disparate characters – a poor prison guard who befriends Turner and the aforementioned Thomas Ruffin Gray, the Southampton County lawyer who had taken down Turner’s confession... Wheeler will move smoothly between the two characters, who obviously engage Turner at different levels."

         - From Beyond the Grave, Nat Turner Tells Us WhyOn Boston Stages, Rich Fahey


"As for the 18-member cast of “Shakespeare in Love’’ — an unusually large ensemble these days — it features a constellation of reliable local talent, including the ever-able Lewis D. Wheeler as the villain of the piece: Lord Wessex, a hotheaded, jealous nobleman betrothed to an unwilling Viola."

         - A lively, stylish ‘Shakespeare in Love’ at SpeakEasyThe Boston Globe, Don Aucoin

"The large company also features some of Boston’s most established and respected actors. Lewis D. Wheeler captures both the arrogance and sometime befuddlement of Lord Wessex, Viola’s fiancé."

         - Veteran actors charm in SpeakEasy’s ‘Shakespeare in Love’The Patriot Ledger, R. Scott Reedy

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